The Hottest VW Cars

October 27, 2018

VW is probably the more popular car brands in Romania, situating itself on the second place in relation to its units sold here, soon after the nation’s brand, Dacia. In reality, in two counties in the country, Bistrita Nasaud and Suceava, VW is definitely the first choice in the market, while from the western part of the country the German vehicle is rapidly gaining ground over Dacia.

Not surprising the Romanians have a real strong passion for VW, whenever you consider the undeniable fact that forever the people of the country are already growing up together with the popular thought that “a German car can be a German car!” meaning, there are no more words necessary to establish the high quality and endurance of the car instead of voice it out is German. German engineering has become collectively praised in Romania from early times this also adulation has grown in intensity through the communist years, when western goods became impossible to accumulate.

Although VW has two models within the 5 top from the new cars purchased from Romania, the company is doing particularly well within the second-hand segment with the market. Approximately one third of the acquired secondhand vehicles in Romania currently are VWs. To hardly surprising, the 2nd most bought second-hand car in Romania is an additional German brand, Opel.

Probably the most appreciated kinds of VW in Romania are by far the Golf and also the Passat. The first kind conquered your family segment in the market, while the latter is amongst the top selections for the young having an over-medium income. If you believe regarding the often bad model of the roads in Romania, a good, resistant model like the VW Golf constitutes a perfect option. It’s suspension will take a beating! Plus it’s roomy and economic, two other main features popular by Romanians when deciding on an automobile.

VW Passat supports the 4th put in place the heart in the Romanian driver currently. It’s sleek design attracts a fairly youthful crowd, while its spacious trunk maintains the friendly, reliable vibe that VW appears to have imprinted rolling around in its brand. Strong and pretty without going all the way to the luxury department, this car can nicely represent the top middle class in Romania.

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